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What is Cat Bio Box?

Cat Bio Box is a quickly and easily disposable litter tray, suitable to use in all conditions and to fill with all types of cat litter.

Our cat litter box is lightweight, aesthetic, minimalistic as well as environmentally friendly.

We have created a product which is liquid-proof, but biodegradable. After use you can just throw the box and the litter away.

Cat Bio Box has successfully passed the tests carried out by the Central Laboratory of the Estonian Health Board and is safe for the pet.

How can Cat Bio Box be useful for you?

Cats bring us a lot of joy, they are wonderful pets. But cleaning the litter tray is a tedious, unpleasant, and unhygienic task. Cat Bio Box is the best solution as it makes your life a lot easier. After using Cat Bio Box for a few times, you cannot imagine going back to washing and drying out your old litter box again. Asking your relatives and neighbours to look after your cat while you are on a holiday can be such a hassle, so make everybody happy and buy a set of Cat Bio Box litter trays.

Advantages of Cat Bio Box litter tray:
  • Using it is simple, convenient, and fast
  • The box is lightweight and can easily be used while on a trip or taken to your holiday cottage
  • The spread of bacteria and diseases are significantly reduced
  • Hygienic for cat owners and cats
  • Much safer for pregnant women (it is recommended to use disposable gloves)
  • Changing litter takes no longer than a minute
  • No need to wash, disinfect and dry out

Cat bio box

Excellent product for animal clinics and other organisations dealing with animals

Cat Bio Box is a great product to use in all the institutions that take care of both sick and healthy animals. The main advantage of our litter tray is that changing the box is quick, easy, and much more hygienic, which reduces the risk of diseases spreading. There is no need to wash, disinfect and store used trays anymore. Cat Bio Box will help save time and reduce the use of cleaning supplies. What is more, it does not take up that much storage space. Considering all the above, our disposable cat litter box is not only convenient but it also saves you money.

For companies dealing with pets on a daily basis, we offer the possibility to order compact sets of 50 trays in a package. Cat Bio Box disposable litter trays fit perfectly into each other and are sent to you in neat, professional packaging that helps you save on valuable storage space.

Advantages of Cat Bio Box litter tray:
  • Saves money
  • Saves the staff time
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Significantly reduces the spread of bacteria and diseases
  • Taking a new litter tray from storage and filling it with fresh litter takes less than a minute

Why are we doing this?

People generate a tremendous amount of wastepaper globally. Even a small country like Estonia where the Cat Bio Box is made, generates over 90 thousand tons of wastepaper annually. That much wastepaper will cover a football field with a layer more than ten meters thick. Giving new life to wastepaper is our passion and our goal for the sake of a cleaner environment.

The Cat Bio Box litter box is produced from 100% biodegradable recycled paper that is both environmentally friendly and good for your beloved pet.

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